A Real Local Drive

Image A Real Local Drive

DAO4Sync Drive establishes a local drive representing your Amazon S3, Google Drive™ or Dropbox e.g. documents, images, spreadsheets, folders etc.

Your PC’s operation system will recognize the DAO4Sync Drive as a normal hard drive medium.

All applications of your daily work will work directly with your Cloud Storage, like Windows Explorer, text processing, virus scanner, backup/restore, security, folder network sharing etc.

Assign a Drive Letter...

Select a drive letter
Select a drive letter

When you launch your DAO4Sync Drive the very first time, you have to assign a drive letter used by the DAO4Sync Drive.

There is no sudden disappearing of the DAO4Sync Drive when you are getting offline to the Internet respectively to your Amazon S3, Google Drive™ or Dropbox Cloud Storage.

DAO4Sync Drive Menu

Tray context menu
Tray context menu

You launch the DAO4Sync Drive application menu when you right click on the DAO4Sync Drive Windows tray icon.

Opens the Windows Explorer of the DAO4Sync Drive, if you are connected to multiple Cloud Storages in parallel, e.g. Amazon S3 and Dropbox, for each a separate Windows Explorer window will be opened.
Work Offline
Enables the Offline mode; DAO4Sync Drive works only locally and acts as a regular hard disk. Done updates of files, creation of folders etc. will be synchronized to your Cloud Storage, when you go online again.
Google Drive™, Amazon S3, Dropbox or WebDAV
Select corresponding sub menus to Launch Logon, Switch User or Logout to the corresponding Cloud Storage.

Synchronize>Drive will synchronize your DAO4Sync Drive against the connected Cloud Storage. That means all files (selected to be synchronized) will be compared to the file stored in your Amazon S3, Google Drive™ or Dropbox Cloud Storage and the local or Cloud Storage will be updated.
Synchronize>Configuration will open the configuration of the DAO4Sync Synchronization engine.

Synchronize>Images will open the configuration how images will be synchronized to reduce its image file size.

Sync Pipeline will open the synchronization pipeline dialog, which gives the possibility to
Log Monitor
Will open the message window, which is showing system message regarding document updates, failures etc.
Will open the DAO4Sync options dialog.

With the sub menu items you can check for updates, send us feedback or contact or support.

DAO4Sync Document/File/Folder Context Menu

Document/File/Folder Context Menu
Document/File/Folder Context Menu

You launch the DAO4Sync Drive context menu when you right click on a file or folder.

Open remote
Opens the corresponding URL of the file stored in your Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox or WebDAV Cloud Storage.

Open remote location
Opens the Cloud Storage folder URL the selected file’s folder.

Extract text
Will extract possible text from the given file (.jpg, .png, .gif and .pdf), only if the file is stored in Google Drive.
Translate text
Will translate the selected file a language selected by the corresponding sub menu item. 

Extract voice from given file
Will generate a mp3 file of the textual content of the file. The language behavior is based on a possible language ending of the document designation, e.g . welcome_EN.txt will be converted to an English speaker, welcome_DE to a German speaker. If no language is given it will be detected.
Synchronize Now!
Will synchronize the file or folder the context menu was launched on.

Ignore from Synchronization
Will disable the Synchronization Processing for the selected file or folder. That means the file Cloud Storage will not be updated, until the synchronization will be activated again.
Activate Synchronization
Will enable the file or folder to be synchronized regarding the Cloud Storage of Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox or WebDAV.

Enables or disables the file or folder encryption.