Cloud Storage In SYNC

Image Cloud Storage In SYNC

Working with cloud storage, e.g. Google Drive™, Dropbox or Amazon S3, can be challenging regarding uploading, updating or just navigating over the folders and files. Working with different cloud storages in parallel is asking for trouble.

Cloud Storage Apps delivered by Cloud Storage providers are working with the provider’s storage only, so you have to use different tools in parallel, mostly browser based or with limited Windows Desktop integration.

DAO4Sync Drive has its main functionality in a core Windows Desktop Integration in establishing a real local drive.

Additionally a Synchronization Engine which keeps files and folders of your Google Drive™, Dropbox or Amazon S3 Cloud Storage in sync.

A Sync Pipeline making it possible to configure a Windows Desktop folder and synchronizing all files and folders to different Cloud Storage providers automatically.

Synchronization Engine

Synchronization Engine

DAO4Sync Drive contains a Synchronization Engine which will keep your data within your DAO4Sync Drive and your files stored in the Cloud with Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox or WebDAV in balance. You can work with DAO4Sync connected or disconnected to your Cloud Storage. When DAO4Sync is reconnected to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox again; the files will be synchronized automatically from or to your Cloud Storage regardless the application you are using. read on Synchronization Engine

Sync Pipeline

Sync Pipeline

The DAO4Sync Drive Sync Pipeline makes it possible to configure different folders being synchronized automatically. You can configure e.g. a folder on your Windows Desktop and all copied files and folders will be automatically synchronized into your cloud storages, e.g. Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and WebDAV.

The picture is showing a sync circle from a desktop folder to a Google Drive, Amazon S3 and finally Dropbox folder.
read on Sync Pipeline